I'm Team Katniss, Are You??

If you're like me, you may be having a hard time keeping up with all the ladies in the Tournament, so to help myself remember, and hopefully you too, I am going to post the list of names of all our heroines on my blog. The names of the girls who are no longer in the competition will be marked out. I will do this each time there is a match. This is mostly for my benefit so that I don't have to go to the YA website every time I want to see who is left, but if it helps you as well then great! :)

IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!! THERE ARE SPOILERS!!! (Unless you don't care about spoilers, then you may proceed.)

And now, I will say a few words about my favorite heroine, Katniss Everdeen. She is up again Fire tomorrow and I'm so hoping she wins! It would be very sad to me if she were to lose in her very first match ever! She is a true heroine and deserves to be the winner of this competition. She strong, she's brave, she's loyal, and she's a survivor, with a touch of rebellion. When she loves someone, she loves them with all her heart. She volunteered to take her sister's place as Tribute, where she would basically be thrown into an arena to fight 23 other Tributes to the death. Lucky for her, she had the very useful skill of shooting a bow. And she's very good at it. According to Peeta, in the first book, she would bring squirrels to his father that had been shot directly in the eye! And she began this all when she was just a child: eleven years old. Well, technically her skills began when she was younger, but her main fight for survival began after her father died. She kept her family alive when her mother couldn't. And that to me means so much to me for a young child to do.

During the Games, she kept herself hidden from the other Tributes for most of the time she was in the arena. She knows how to walk through the woods quietly, and because she is a hunter, she knows how to go unnoticed. As Gale told her before she left, it's just like hunting. And it is those skills that kept her alive. Not only did she keep herself alive, but she kept Peeta alive as well. She knew what plants were edible, and which ones weren't. She knew how to attend to wounds because of her mother and sister taking care of the sick back in District 12. And in the end, it was her rebellion that allowed herself and Peeta win the Games. If she hadn't tricked the Capitol officials with the berries by faking that if they couldn't both leave the arena together alive, they would commit suicide together, they would not have made it out alive. And it is then that she begins her reign as the symbol of the rebellion: the Mockingjay. Of course, she isn't called that until later in the series, but it all began in the first book. With Rue and the song, flowers and three-fingered salute, and then again with the berries and fake suicide. She doesn't let people walk all over her. If something isn't right, she makes it known. Conspicuously at times, but she makes it known. She fights for what she believes in, and that's proven over and over again.

This is just scratching the surface of why Katniss Everdeen is a true heroine and should win the tournament, but I do need keep a few things to say before her other matches as well! ;)

So what can you do to help Katniss to win the match again Fire??? VOTE!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Tweet about the Tournament by using the hashtags #HEROINETOURNEY and #TeamKatniss. Tell all your friends and fellow bloggers to vote as well! Basically, just tell anyone and everyone why Katniss is the number one heroine and get them to vote! :)

Remember, voting begins at 12:01am December 9th and ends at 12:01am December 10th, so don't delay!! We wouldn't want our heroine to miss her chance at winning now would we??