30 Day Book Challenge: DAY 25

DAY 25: The most surprising plot twist or ending

Well the answer to this question is going to be a huge spoiler for those of you who haven't read City of Bones or The Mortal Instruments series so I would definitely skip this one!

This surprising plot twist begins at the end of City of Bones and continues on through the next two books in the series. At the end of City of Bones Clary and Jace discover that they are brother and sister AFTER they have begun to fall for each other. All throughout City of Ashes, Clary and Jace are struggling to ignore their feelings; Clary even dating Simon to help her move on but in another twist The Seelie Queen traps her in her underground world and she can only be released by the kiss of the one she desires most... Jace. And then in another not-so surprising twist it turns out that Jace isn't actually her brother but surprisingly Sebastian Verlac the guy posing as the Penhallows' nephew/cousin is. And it is he who is the evil monster we've heard about, not Jace. Jace is actually Stephen Herondale's son so he's not Jace Wayland or Jonathan Morgenstern, but Jace Herondale. Yeah.. it gets a little complicated. But the funny thing is, even when you know think that Clary and Jace are brother and sister, you STILL want them together and then you start to wonder just what's wrong with you to want a brother and sister to be together and then when you find out that they're NOT related you're jumping for joy and saying "YES! THEY CAN BE TOGETHER! WOOOOO!" And then you excuse your want of them to get together by saying that you knew it all along that they weren't actually brother and sister; they couldn't possibly have been.

I think it's safe to say that Cassandra Clare knows how to write a damn good story.