Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Rose puts her anger to good use throughout the day, fighting better than she ever had and even won her first hand-to-hand combat. After the match, Mason approaches her about Lissa. Rose inquires about Mia and if she could have been the one to put the fox on Lissa's bed. Mason doesn't think that she or any of her friends did it. 

At lunch, Lissa was still shaken up but that doesn't stop Natalie and her friends from going on and on about it. Rose pulls her away before they had even finished lunch, walking to their animal behavior class amid stares from other students. Lissa wishes that everyone would leave her alone about it and Rose realizes that Mia is stirring the pot. Lissa wants to talk about "that time" but Rose won't have it. Before the conversation can go much further Jesse walks up to Rose and asks if she could participate in a group study in her dorm. She agrees.

"You're under house arrest. They won't let you hang out and talk to him."
"I don't really want to 'talk' to him. We'll slip away."

It seems to Rose that Mia is thoroughly enjoying Lissa's discomfort with the fox situation, which is made obvious by the fact that Mia asks about a foxes behavior during class. When they broke into pairs, Ralf Sarcozy stops to talk to Lissa suggesting that she was the one to kill the fox to make herself look crazy so she can leave again. Rose proceeds to tell him "screw you" to which he replies "are you offering?". After insulting him a few times, he then turns to Rose suggesting that she was the one to do it. And then he bursts into flames. The class erupts in chaos and the teacher goes for the fire extinguisher, but just as fast as the flames had started they stop. Everyone froze, eyes scanning the room for a fire wielder, stopping on Christian Ozera who's laughing. Ms. Meissner sends him to Headmistress Kirova's office.

The class immediately begins talking about what had just happened. No one had ever seen that kind of spell before and he had used it offensively, something the Moroi doesn't do. They leave all the fighting to the guardians instead of using their magic as weapons. It occurs to Rose that Christian might actually be a psycho.

When they leave the classroom, Rose asks Lissa if she's hung out with him again. She doesn't say anything but the guilty look on her face gives her away. Rose scolds her for it. They return to their dorm rooms and soon enough Rose feels something from Lissa's side of the bond. She realizes what Lissa is up to and attempts to go into Lissa's mind to see what's going on. At first it doesn't work but after a little focus, she's in.

Short chapter today but definitely isn't lacking in the drama department. Christian setting Ralf on fire in Rose and Lissa's defense? Priceless. It's also really exciting that Rose is finally learning that it could be useful to figure out how to control the bond. And we now know that it can be controlled since she forced herself in. I wonder what she'll find on the other side?

What did you think of chapter 8???


  1. Christian is awesome!!! The fact that Rose is learning to control her is helpful, yes, but it just sucks that she was using it to invade Lissa's privacy this time. At least she was only doing it because she wants to protect her from Christian, but still...


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