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I'm the mind behind Books & Beauti. I started this blog because I needed an outlet for all of my feels and fangirling, but I soon discovered a huge bookish world, full of awesome people who love reading and books as much as I do. Welcome to my little peice of heaven!

A History of Blogging

I first began blogging when I was a sophomore in high school. I was introduced to this little website called xanga. You may (or may not) have heard of it. All of my high school friends and I were on there. We blogged about our days, our school schedules.. pretty much anything that suited our fancies. We commented on each others posts. We kept in touch with each other over the summer. It was our little community.

Then I discovered myspace, as did everyone else, and our xanga blogs slowly dwindled as we wrote messages, shared our likes and dislikes, had fancy themes and made sure we had the best music. It was through tweaking my myspace page that I discovered HTML. I then incorporated what I learned into my old xanga blog and it was once again brought to life (only this time it was mainly for myself).. That is, up until I came across a blogger who mentioned that she got her amazing photos from a site called tumblr. I decided to check it out and from that moment on I was a tumblr addict. If you've never been on tumblr you clearly have not experienced its power and therefore cannot even imagine how easily it sucks you in. It's super easy because it's mainly a big dashboard of posts from blogs you follow and then you just reblog all of the things you love. Or you can actually use it as a blog, but I find it rather difficult to do on there with so many awesome things to reblog. On tumblr I further developed my skills in HTML by changing up the themes and adding my own personal flair.

Somewhere in between all of this, I started this blog here: Books and Beauti.

Books and Beauti: How It Began

I started it for all of my ramblings, but soon I discovered this wonderful world of book bloggers through the first ever YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney. I found an amazing community of reviewers and thought I would try my hand at it because at the time I was reading A LOT of books but had no one to share my thoughts with. I quickly learned that writing about books is TONS of FUN!! And having somewhere to fangirl without shame is even better! Especially when you have so many people around the world to fangirl with. I really enjoy writing reviews and I hope that they help or inspire you in some way, whether it be in deciding whether or not you want to read the book or make you see the book in a different way. I also enjoy participating in certain memes each week where I discover new books and friends.

I have recently became a tour host and I take part in cover reveals, book blitzes, review tours, interviews, release day blitzes and guest posts, sometimes even hosting giveaways. I really enjoy participating in these because I usually find new books to love by doing so and help to spread that love to others as well.

My favorite books to read are definitely Young Adult and recently I have found a love for New Adult. I mostly stick to paranormal, romance, fantasy, and dystopian but I also enjoy a good contemporary every now and then. Pretty much anything with a badass heroine, lots of love and lots of action will grab my attention! Don't forget to take a look at my Review Archive for all my reviews. Who knows? You may discover your next favorite book!

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