Day number two

30 Day Gilmore Girls Challenge
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Day 2. What was the first episode of Gilmore Girls you ever saw (even in part)?

I remember it just like it was yesterday. I was still in high school and had never even heard of Gilmore Girls, but I watched ABC Family a lot. They were showing previews of the show and about how they were going to bring it to their station and it got me interested in the show. I thought, “hey, this might be a great show to watch!” But I completely forgot about the marathon they were having the weekend before they started airing it at 5 every weekday. So in the middle of one Saturday afternoon, I was flipping through the channels and saw this debate going on between Paris, Rory and Jess. And they were sitting at a table eating food. Then the phone rings and it was Rory’s boyfriend, who was on his way to the house and by the way Rory was pushing Jess out the door, it seemed to me her boyfriend didn’t like him. And then of course Rory and Dean got into an argument because Jess was there and all. But that one scene got me HOOKED. I finished watching the marathon that day, and began watching the show every weekday at 5, and even when the new episodes came on on then what was called the WB (now CW). I didn’t learn until later, when I started buying the seasons (yes I own them all!) that the episode I was watching was Season 2; Episode 16: There’s a Rub. To this day, it is still one of my favorite episodes. And I think it’s probably because this was the first episode I ever watched that I became such a huge Rory/Jess shipper. I hated the way that Dean acted towards Rory, how controlling he was, and now he never listened to her or anything. It wasn’t until Paris intervened that he even shut up for 2 seconds, long enough to consider another possibility other than what was in his head. And after watching the first season as Rory and Dean fell in love, I just couldn’t get over the first scene that I ever saw them in together. But anyways, this was way too long for a simple question. Lol Sorry!