"Oh, definitely. I would not miss this for the world."

Alright, so I haven't actually discussed anything in a few days. I've been doing the Gilmore Girls Challenge. Which I'm quite enjoying. I love Gilmore Girls, so anything Gilmore Girls is fun for me to do. But anyways, I've been reading The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, and it's been quite interesting. The world she created is magnificent and I absolutely love it. Meghan Chase is a normal girl (as most stories start out), and then she start seeing things. Little creatures with pointy teeth, a horse with a rider, both vanish as quickly as they are seen. Then on her 16th birthday, her mother "slips" and hits her head, her little brother was swapped with a changeling from another world, one Meghan didn't know existed. And as it turns out, her best friend Robbie is a child of the fey. Of course Meghan can't leave her brother in the other world or leave the changeling in hers (as it keeps attacking her and her family), so she and Robbie find a portal in her brother's closet and and enter into Faeryland (Nevernever to the fey) to rescue him. They go on this epic adventure through the land, learning new things as they go, and being chased by all kinds of creatures (including a handsome, but not so nice, prince). As they cross the land, they find that strange things are happening-more strange than usual. The creatures and plants are dying unnaturally and no one understands why. It isn't until Meghan is captured that they realize the true state of the world around them, what/who is doing it, and go in search of some answers and help on how to destroy it.
I'm really excited to finish the book and continue the series!! Only Part 3 to go until I'm finished with the the. If you want to know more, click the link under my Currently Reading section (which will be moved to my Read in 2011 section once I'm finished).