So I came across this button on one of the blogs I follow that says "Respect the ARC". Now you would think that I being the avid reader I am would know what an "ARC" is. But I didn't. So I clicked on it, and it took me to someone's page where they were discussing their thoughts on it. But it still didn't explain what an ARC was. So of course, I googled it, and this is the definition I found from
"An ARC is an Advanced Readers Copy of a book. In the freelance writing field, this term is most commonly used by those who review books for magazines and newspapers. The ARC is generally a paperback edition that is not complete- that is, it may lack a final proofread or its final cover design. ARCs are sent to potential reviewers based on their relationship with a certain publications, or with the publisher themselves. Sometimes ARCs may be supplied by an editor at the publication to the freelance writer."
And so as I was reading the other person's thoughts on the Respect the Arc campaign, I thought "people actually try to sell these to make money off of them? That's horrible!" So I have also decided to add the button to my blog to show some awareness. Please, don't buy an ARC from someone. It is incredibly disrespectful to the author. They give someone a copy of their book for review, and then these people turn around and sell it for a profit. It is illegal to sell an ARC, so if you see someone trying to sell it, please report them. The authors work so hard on their books, and it's a shame that people abuse their generosity.

If you would like a "Respect the ARC" button for your own blog or website, click here.