Day number fifteen

30 Day Gilmore Girls Challenge
Day 15. Who is your favourite Gilmore boy?

For Rory, of course it would be Jess. He was so perfect for her. He was intelligent, even though at times he didn’t put that to good use. He was so in love with her, and I would almost bet that he straightened his life out for her, to get her back. And when Rory was in a rough place with her mom, and not going to school, Jess came back into her life and got her back on track. He made her think and always brought out her love for writing and reading, and he supported her in what she wanted to do with her life. He was the one for her. There’s no doubt about that.

For Lorelai, it would definitely be Luke. As much as it would have been great for Lorelai, Christopher and Rory to be a family, Chris just wasn’t the one for Lorelai. Maybe he would’ve been in her past, but definitely not now. Luke is so kind and even though he complains about it the whole time, he would help anyone in the town who needed it, including Taylor Doose. As much as he fussed about the crazy town events and people, he loved the town and the people in it. He’s always there for Lorelai when she needs him, and always has been. He’s her best friend, who she turns to when things go wrong, who when she was running straight into the ground while trying to get her Inn going, loaned her the money to help her dreams come true. He may not always make the wisest decisions ,like when he kept the knowledge of his daughter April from Lorelai, but he always comes back with an apology and an explanation and tries his hardest to make things right with her, no matter what. And most importantly, he was a father figure to Rory throughout her life. It doesn’t matter that Lorelai and Luke weren’t actually together, he was always around and treated her like she was his own and I absolutely love that about him. He loved Rory just as much as he loved Lorelai. And I think that’s one of the things that he had over all of Lorelai’s other boyfriends throughout the series. He had such a strong relationship with Rory and he always looked out for her and wanted the best for her. And even though Lorelai hated the idea of Jess being with Rory, and Luke thought it was great because Rory would be good for him, I think he knew that Jess would be good for Rory too. Maybe not right then when they were together. But Luke knew how much Jess cared about Rory. He probably knew that Jess loved her before Jess did. But I think that’s part of why he wanted them together as well. Anyways, now that I’ve gone off topic a little bit with Luke and Lorelai, he can’t live without her in his life, and she can’t live without him in hers without both being absolutely miserable. They were made for each other.