Day number thirteen

30 Day Gilmore Girls Challenge
Day 13. What character do you wish was in the show more than they were?

Jess. Absolutely Jess. I loved his character so much. He’s witty, sarcastic, and just plain brilliant. He’s so intelligent and he loves reading books (and not to forget writing them), but he’s also a bad boy. And we all know, girls can’t resist a bad boy. And I really believe that he was the one for Rory. I had hoped when he came back to show her the book he had written that they would end up together again, but that didn’t happen. And I also had hoped that at the end of the series, he would come back and they would be together. That also didn’t happen. So hopefully, if/when they make the movie, he will come back into Rory’s life and it will be as it should be.