DSCS of City of Lost Souls is now posted!!

So here is another outtake from City of Lost Souls: The Dirty Sexy Club scene. It is indeed a spoiler, so if you don't want to spoil the book for yourself, don't read it. And you probably shouldn't read any further on this post either because I am going to be talking a little bit about it.

So the scene starts off with Jace in a club. Doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, right? But then we see that Clary is also at this club with him. Now when we left off in City of Fallen Angels, Jace had allowed/been forced to give his blood to allow Sebastian/Johnathan to awaken, and they are now as "one". Sort of. Jace is no longer all good. Sebastian/Johnathan can control Jace and can get him to do some bad things now because they share blood. So it is quite confusing that Clary would be in a club with Jace, and Jace not be.. well, evil. But wait! That's not the real shocker. We then come to find out that not only is Clary with Jace, but Sebastian/Johnathan is with them too! And he's not being an evil demon mastermind! So what is going on??? (Other than the dirty sexy kissing, that is.) Could it be that because of the Angel blood in Jace that he gave to awaken Sebastian/Johnathan that Sebastian/Johnathan actually turned (partly) into someone good? Which we wouldn't think is too possible since, you know, he has demon blood in him and all.. Did Clary turn to the bad side because she couldn't live without Jace or does she even really know what's going on? Is she being deceived by both Jace and Sebastian/Johnathan? Hmm.. I guess we won't find out until next May. But it's looking more and more interesting by the minute. I can't wait to read it! Waiting for this book is going to be torture. Pure torture.