Day twenty-one

30 Day Gilmore Girls Challenge

Day 21 - If you were a character on Gilmore Girls; who would you be, when would you come in and what would you do?

Oh wow. Well, I suppose my name would be Baylee Jane Scherbatsky. More than likely I would come in during the 7th season while Rory is back at Yale, making new friends while Logan is gone. I would be a journalism and psychology double major so I will meet Rory through our love for journalism and books. We will become close friends and she’ll of course tell me about all of her past boyfriends and her current boyfriend Logan (who of course I can’t stand) and I tell her that Jess is the one for her and she should search for him and tell him of the feelings she still has for him. She’ll contact him and at the end of season seven, instead of Logan proposing and Rory saying no, Jess will propose and she’ll say yes. And instead of following Obama around the country during his campaign, she will accept the job offer to work at the New York Times and live in NYC with Jess, who will be working on his next book which will of course be published.