Fanmade Friday: Faeries

Fanmade Friday is a weekly event from TheHob. Each week I will post something that has been handmade from a fandom of my choice. This week I have decided to go with Faeries. Mostly because I'm just sooooo excited that The Iron Knight will be on shelves in LESS THAN A MONTH. And I just really love faeries. A lot. And I found this and absolutely LOVED it. So here you go...

The Star Gazers Cottage - An Airy Fairy Fantasy Faery House

This wee house is packed with lovely little things. It measures approximate 12" tall, 12" wide and 8" deep. The base of the house is a kit and it has been embellished to the ends of the earth :)

The roof of this house is decorated with bark, moss and mushrooms. There is a butterfly, a lucky penny, four leaf clover, acorns, snail shells and other things hidden about up there. The little porch has a twig star, button, chestnuts, clothes pegs, a birch box of lavender and an old wooden spool of thread with a some vintage pins.

For more information on this gorgeous house, you can click here.

I really just love this. And I definitely would've loved playing with it as a kid. It's just wonderful.