Kiss and Tell

I'm not usually the type of person to recommend fanfiction. I rarely ever read it. Actually, I had never read it until quite recently. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It's called Kiss and Tell, and it's a Harry Potter fanfic based around Lily and James Potter.
(image: Lily and James by blueabyss17404)
Here's an excerpt:

She cranes her neck upward, scratching her nose against his stubble, smiling as she lightly kisses his jaw. Lazily, she traces outlines onto his bare chest. Circles, flowers, stars and smiles; not hearts. Never hearts.

His glasses are still on, and his breathing is deep and even. He isn't sleeping, she can tell, but he isn't playing with her the way he usually does, lying on his side, holding her hands and occasionally nipping at her nose, her forehead, her lips, with his. Instead, he is lying flat on his back staring simply off into the canopy of her bed. He's distracted. She's not sure why.

She stretches out, pressing her body to his side, trying to gain his attention. She fails. Instead, she rolls onto her back stretching more as she yawns. Still not earning a reaction, she decides on a more direct approach. She rolls over so that her chest is on his, her chin balances on her stacked hands. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing," he mumbles, still not looking at her.

"You're lying," she scolds lightly, one of her fingers now tracing his face. "No secrets, remember?"

He scoffs.

"James," she pleads, "what is it?"

He grunts and violently sits up, knocking her off of him. He throws open the curtains surrounding her and climbs out of the bed. Ignoring his nudity, he begins searching frantically for his clothes.

She looks shocked and hurt. He finds his boxers and puts them on.

"James!" she begs, trying to hide the tears that are threatening to fall.

He whips around and looks at her as he zips and buttons his trousers. He isn't angry. His expression is one of confusion, and sadness, and frustration. He sighs and brings his hands to his face, slowly pulling them up and through his hair.

His eyes look back, searching for the words to say. He closes them and takes a deep breath. "I can't do this anymore." He states. The mixed expression she had worn turns to one only of hurt.

"W-what do you mean?" she stammers.

"This, this," he can't find the words, "thing!" he spits, "Whatever it is. I can't do it, Lily. Not anymore."

All she can do his stare at him. He turns on his heel and walks away.

Slowly, she brings her head into her hands, and weeps.
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