Literati Challenge - Day three

Literati Challenge | Day 3 - Favorite S3 episode 
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Season 3: “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?”
JESS: Dean’s a jerk. Yelling at you like that, breaking up in front of everybody…the guy’s a total jerk.
RORY: No, he’s not. He’s right. Everything he said. All those things about you and me, all those things about me lying to him, and messing with his head. He was right. Well, wasn’t he? Fine, he was right about me, then. Now go away.
JESS: He was right… about all of it.
RORY: So, what now?
JESS: You’re definitely broken up with Dean?
RORY: Yeah, I’m definitely broken up with Dean.
JESS: Okay. I have to go take care of something then.