My Day With Puck

So, Julie Kagawa is holding a contest for us to win a signed ARC of The Iron Knight. To win, you must answer this question: "If you had one day with Ash (or Puck), what would you do?" For more details about this contest, click here.

First of all I would have to choose between Puck or Ash, which is a very tough decision, let me tell you. Ash is the perfect bad boy, up for doing anything. Hunting in the wyldwood, causing trouble, while being extremely hot in doing so. And he obviously has a dark past which brings a mystery to him that I would want to try to figure out. However, while all of this is true, I would want to spend my day with Puck. 1.) I wouldn't want to upset Meghan! and 2.) Puck just seems like he would be so much fun to spend a day with. He's snarky, sarcastic, and always up for trouble, being the trickster he is. That smirk of his would make me with in the knees every time, and I know I would be laughing the whole time.

This is how I would spend my day:
We would run around the Summer Court, playing tricks on random fey, and perhaps look for adventure in the wyldwood, where we would run into Grimalkin, who would warn us of the dangers of playing tricks on the creatures there. But Puck, of course, doesn't listen to him and drags me to a nest of gremlins. I, being the chicken that I am, will stay back and watch as Puck will pick on the little guys by teasing and throwing things at them. They will rush toward him with their spears and bows with arrows, but at the last possible second, Puck will disappear and reappear in another area of the clearing. Mocking the gremlins, he laughs and shouts "Catch me if you can!". They once again charge after him as he disappears again. I'll be laughing the whole time. The gremlins will eventually catch us both, and at the last minute Grim will come to our rescue and save us from a terrible fate. We would then return to the Summer Court, find a comfortable place to relax, and he would show me the many things he can do with his Summer glamour, such as bringing a dead flower back to life (and handing it over to me while my heart melts). We'll spend the rest of the day, laughing and playing, and at the end I'll give him a "friendly" peck on the lips. The next day I'll awake from a nice slumber wondering if it was all a dream...


  1. Lol, love it! Thanks for playing, and good luck! :)


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