Fanmade Friday: Pumpkins

Fanmade Friday is a weekly event from TheHob. Each week I will post something that has been handmade from a fandom of my choice. This week I am going with Pumpkins!! I'm so excited for fall and especially Halloween! I'll be taking my son out Trick-or-Treating and I can't wait to see him all dressed up in his costume and excited to be getting candy (he's especially excited about this part of the events!). So here it is!!

Halloween Art Locket Necklace - Smiling Pumpkin
This spooky art locket piece features a large 1-1/2" vintage brass round locket with neat Smiling Pumpkin image

The vintage locket still retains some aged surface qualities

Fashioned on 18" dark brass tone chain with glass faceted black bead, glass carnelian color bead, filigree cap accents and chain link drop. Chain has lobster-claw clasp.
If you would like to see more of this necklace, or perhaps find another that isn't a pumpkin (yes, they have more!), you can go here.

I really just adore these lockets.. so cute!