Teaser Tuesday #2: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight is finally here!! I drove to Walmart earlier today and bought it (thank the lord they had it on the shelves!!!). So I've decided to do a little teaser from it as well, seeing as how my Hunted reading is now on hold. I have been waiting for this book too long not to start reading it right away.

"You did not think she would let you go so easily, did you?" he asked. "We have until nightfall to be clear of the marsh, before she comes riding after us with all of hell behind her. So let us pick up the pace, hmm?"


"I'm going to kill you one day," I told him as we hurried after Grimalkin, back into the swampy marshland. It was not an idle threat.
Puck just laughed. "Yeah. You and everyone else, prince. Join the club."

These are both in the same moment, but I couldn't choose just one, between the two. So there they are. I can't remember if Julie has already given these to us before, but whether she has or not, this is as far as I've gotten into the book (which isn't very far at all) so that's I have for now!