Hunger Games Trailer to premeire on Monday!!

There have been rumours that the trailer for The Hunger Games movie will debut before Breaking Dawn next weekend. While I still don't know if that's true (and I'm thinking it may be with the next statement being true), we will be getting the premiere of the trailer on Good Morning America Monday morning!! This is according to Russ Bowen of channel 13 news in Asheville. His tweet says:
"GMA to announce tomorrow morning (Thurs) it will premier #Hungergames trailer Monday #avlent #avlnews"
Yesterday, Good Morning America tweeted:
"Tune into GMA tomorrow for a special announcement about The Hunger Games"
And today they announced on the show that there will be a sneak peek of the movie on Monday. Who is excited about this?? I AM!!!!!!!

Who else is excited about the premiere of the trailer???