YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines: Who Do You Favor?

Hey guys! The YA Sisterhood is now hosting their Tournament of Heroines! Not long ago they hosted a Crush Tournament, where the winner was Jace from the Mortal Instruments. They are holding the nominations for favorite heroines open until Thursday the 24th at 12:01am so if you haven't nominated your favorite heroine, go do so before they close it!! You can nominate up to 10 heroines ONCE, and remember the character must be female and from the Young Adult genre. So far, Clary from Mortal Instruments is in the lead with the most nominations, and Katniss from the Hunger Games in second. To nominate your favorite book heroines, click the link: YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines

Good luck and may the odd be ever in your favorite heroines favor!!

(This is definitely the first of many posts, as I will be trying to round up support for my favorite heroine once the actual voting begins!)