Days of TwentyEleven: Day 2

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Today is the day for all of my favorite characters!! I hope I can express just how much I love each and every one of them.

Favourite female main character:

Clarissa (Clary) Fray - The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Clary is probably my favorite main character this year who is female. She's smart, witty, sarcastic, and she can hold her own against the Shadowhunters who have been training their whole lives. Not only that, but she can make new runes. Something none of the others can do. Not to mention she has the attention of the lovely, brilliant, sexy Jace.


Favourite male main character:

Jacob Jankowski - Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
I didn't read too many books this year with the main character being male so the one that stands out to me is Jacob Jankowski from Water for Elephants. He's smart and intuitive and he fights for the woman he loves. Even in his late nineties he has an incredibly sharp mind.

Best couple:


My favorite couple would have to be Ash and Meghan. Even when you thought that Ash hated her and wanted her dead, he was still trying to help her. They've both risked their lives for each other, and Ash was even banished from his home by his own mother because he chose to be with her and save her. And when Meghan was in a position that Ash couldn't be there to protect her or even be around her because he would die, he went on a journey to the end of the Nevernever to get a soul so that they could be together. If that isn't love then I don't know what is.

Who I want to be best friends with:


Rose is probably the girl that I would want to be best friend with. She's extremely loyal to those who are close to her. I mean, she's risked her life countless times to keep her best friend Lissa safe. She fights for what she believes in and she has a loud mouth. She's incredibly blunt and isn't afraid to let you know what she's thinking. She's fun and can always make you laugh. She has a wit about her that makes you want to be around her. Not to mention, she can kick some major booty. All by herself. She went chasing Strigoi. And won. Every single time. If I were in trouble, I would definitely call on her.

Who I fell completely in love with (new literary crush):


Ah, yes.. It is very true. I have fallen in love with Jem. Out of all the lovely, incredibly sexy, sweet, caring, bad boys I read about, Jem Carstairs is the one who stole my heart this year. He's so kind and gentle and sweet. Probably the kindest person I've read about in YA books this year, and I'm almost positive that's why I want my own Jem. But don't let that fragile exterior fool you. He can be a complete badass when he wants to be. He's a Shadowhunter, and that means he's a fighter. He hunts demons and he kills them. It's in the job description. I only hope that Cassandra takes pity on the girls who have fallen for him and doesn't kill him off in the end. He may be dying right now, but surely, surely there's a cure..

Worst (best & baddest) villain: 

I think we all know why these two get the worst villain award. They're terrifying. Not to mention that for most of Mockingjay, we were undecided about Coin and weren't completely sure she was one of the bad guys until the ending, which makes it that much worse. At least Snow was completely honest with Katniss with his intentions. Coin hid everything until the very end.

Best character twist:

I never saw either of their betrayals coming. Especially Jessamine's. I won't elaborate on it because I'm sure some of you haven't read Clockwork Prince, but I just never in a million years thought she would go to those extremes. 

Best kick-arse female:

I'm pretty sure this heroine speaks for herself.

Best kick-arse male:

There's a reason the students at St. Vladamir's call him a god. He can take down several Strigoi at once, by himself, with grace and ease.

Broke your heart the most:

I hate to say it because I love Patch so much as a character, but he was definitely the one who broke my heart the most. Especially in Crescendo. My heart broke along with Nora's as she was trying to figure out the reasoning behind Patch spending so much time with her arch-enemy. And there were times that he was kind of jerk to her, but he definitely makes up for it during all the times he's saved her.

Favourite pet/animal character award:

Grimalkin has been my favourite animal character since I began reading the Iron Fey series. He's got the most perfect dry sense of humor and he always answers questions with a riddle or "I am a cat." He always shows up with impeccable timing, saving Meghan and those with her just in the nick of time, and you always know when danger is coming because he disappears the second he senses trouble.

Best love triangle:

William (Will) Herondale, Theresa (Tessa) Gray, and James (Jem) Carstairs - The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I think all those who have read the Infernal Devices books would have to agree that this is one phenomenal love triangle. Both guys are super hot and have a heart of gold. It's impossible not to love them and impossible to choose between the two. Both boys are excellent suitors for Tessa and I think that whichever one she ends up with would be an excellent choice. 

Who were your favorite characters this year??