TMI Movie News!!!

If you're like me, you've been waiting to hear the latest news about The Mortal Instruments movie. Mundie Moms recently made a post about the movie script and I just had to read the news first hand from TheFabLife's interview with Cassandra Clare.

“Nobody could settle on a script that they liked, and so there was a lot of back-and-forthing, and finally, it came down from the head of the studio [Screen Gems] that she wanted the script rewritten,” Cassie told TheFABlife. “She didn’t feel like it stuck close enough to the book. I kind of agreed with her. There were some characters that were taken out and things that were switched around, and it was very different from City of Bones.”
They brought Pretty Little Liars screenwriter Marlene King onboard to rewrite the whole darn thing, bringing back more of Clare’s characters and giving it a “great teen voice,” Clare said. 
“I really want them to stay true to the relationships between the characters,” she explained. “Jace’s relationship to his adoptive family was really important. I feel like the whole twist with Jace and Clary and their relationship was really important and guides the next two books, and you can’t really take it out. It’s so taboo at the same time, but they’re just going with it. That’s what makes these books.” 
One of the biggest disappointments in the first script was that warlock Magnus was left out entirely, despite the fact that he has a pivotal role later on, particularly as boyfriend to young Shadowhunter Alec. “That’s one of the things Marlene really got. In the interactions between Alec and Magnus, you can see their burgeoning relationship, which I think is really nice,” she said. “I really wanted them to keep the positive portrayal of gay characters, and the gay relationship was important and relatable and went along with everybody else’s relationships.” (TheFabLife)
Okay. I have to comment on that. HOW could you leave out MAGNUS BANE??? HOW??? Thank God they changed writers. That's just unacceptable to leave out such an important character.

You can see more TMI movie news at Mundie Moms.

What do you think of the news about Magnus Bane?? I'm very glad they changed writers!!