The Hunger Games Read-A-Thon: Part 1 "The Tributes"

As a part of The Hunger Games Read-A-Thon, I will be posting all kinds of things about this wonderful book, including questions and my answers to them. If you've never read The Hunger Games (shame on you!), then I suggest skipping these posts entirely because it will be full of MAJOR spoilers. However, if you want to join in on the fun, head over to Smitten Over Books to learn more about this awesome event and begin reading what I believe is one of the best book series out there! And if you have read the books, feel free to read on and respond with your own thoughts and answers. I would love to hear them. Let the games begin!!

1. Imagine one day waking up and finding yourself in Panem. What district would you be in and why? To give you an idea, here’s the list of the 12 districts and their designated jobs.
    • District 1: Luxury
    • District 2: Masonry
    • District 3: Technology
    • District 4: Fishing
    • District 5: Power
    • District 6: Transportation
    • District 7: Lumber
    • District 8: Textiles
    • District 9: Grain
    • District 10: Livestock
    • District 11: Agriculture
    • District 12: Mining
 Answer: Oh my. Well, I haven't really thought about which district I would WANT to be in. On I'm in District 9, which is grain, but I don't think I would really do too well there. If I could choose which district I would be in based on my abilities, I think it would either be District 3: Technology (because I learn rather quickly when it comes to things like that) or District 1: Luxury (because I'm assuming that it is here that the artists would live). I mean, Capitol people, with all their whimsical nonsense, would probably enjoy art quite a bit. So yeah, I think I'll go with that.

2. The Reaping Day was one of the dreaded days by District 12. If you were picked that day as one of the tributes, what would be your initial reaction?

Answer: My initial reaction would most certainly be terror. Absolute, complete and utter terror. I would probably pass out after that, and upon waking, I would probably cry hysterically. Not the best reaction to have, considering all of the Careers would be watching and see me a weakling and would most likely come after me first and I would be dead within the first few minutes. I would like to say that I would take it bravely and march up the steps to the Justice Building with my pride still in tact, but let's face it: if I'm being honest with myself, and you, I most certainly would crumble.

3. You are a tribute and your mentor is planning the best strategy for you to win. What do you think will be your best selling attribute and/or skill?

Answer: Well... I'm not really sure how to answer this one! My best strategy would probably be to hide myself away somewhere in the arena as best I could and let all the other Tributes duke it out and kill each other. I have absolutely no fighting or survival skills at all so I would be spending my time at pretty much every station during training learning as much as I could. I'm really not sure what my best selling attribute and/or skill is.

4. You were not picked but your sister/father/mother was, would you sacrifice yourself for them a la Katniss or would you keep your ground a la Peeta’s brothers?

Answer: Well, I would hope that I would be selfless and brave enough to sacrifice myself and take their place in the Games, but I don't think you ever truly know what you would do until you are put in that situation and are faced with the decision.

5. Time for the first impression segment. What is the first thing that came into mind when you think of:
    1. Katniss Everdeen
    2. Peeta Mellark
    3. Gale Hawthorne
    4. Cinna
    5. Haymitch Abernathy
    6. Effie Trinket
    7. Primrose Everdeen
    8. Caesar Flickerman
    9. Rue
Answer: I am going to attempt to answer this question with the mind of someone who is reading this book for the first time, even though it's my third... A. Katniss Everdeen - Brave, strong, selfless, survivor. B. Peeta Mellark - kind, funny, and it's a little bit difficult to understand his motives at this point. C. Gale Hawthorne - Bitter, angry, passionate. Cinna - gentle, talented, artistic. E. Haymitch Abernathy - drunkard, damaged. F. Effie Trinket - whimsical, clueless, flighty. G. Primrose Everdeen - child-like innocence. Caesar Flickerman - for having grown up in the Capitol, he's surprisingly kind and truly tries to help the Tributes to look their best during the interviews. Rue - curious.

6. Look up. Who is the character that leaps out to you the most?  Why?
 Answer: Peeta Mellark. For so many reasons, and I won't elaborate for the sake of those who haven't finished the book or the series.

7. Do you think Peeta ever thought of winning The Hunger Games even if it means killing Katniss in the process? Why or why not?

Answer: (SPOILER!) Well, if I answer this with only the information I've been given in part one, then it's definitely hard to say whether he's just faking everything or if it's all a strategy to keep her alive. But if I'm going off of the entire book, then I don't think he ever intended on living. I think the entire time he was working to keep her alive because he's been in love with her since they were kids.

8. (Refer to p. 40)  Fill in the blanks: The Peacekeepers are back too soon and Gale asks for more time, but they’re taking him away and I start to panic. “Don’t let them starve!” I cry out, clinging to his hand.

“I won’t! You know I won’t! Katniss, remember I ______” he say, and they yank us apart and slam the door and I’ll never know what it was he wanted me to remember.

Answer: ". . . love you". He was obviously going to tell her he loves her!

9. Most memorable/favorite scene in Part I “The Tribute”?

Answer: I would have to say when Katniss shot her arrow at the Gamemakers. That was rather memorable. And the ending to part one where Peeta confesses his love for Katniss.

10. I know it’s too early to say, but if there was something you want to know more about or you would want to be more elaborated, what would it be and why?

Answer: I think if there is anything I would want to know more about, it would be Katniss's relationship with Gale. It was too short-lived in the first part of this book and having read the entire book I know that you don't learn much else about the two of them except for what Katniss tells you from her memories. I guess I would just like to know more about the two of them together and who Gale is.


Well, there they are. My answers to the discussion questions for Part 1 "The Tributes". Hopefully, these will suffice. And don't forget, if you'd like to participate just click the link: Smitten Over Books.

Happy Hunger Games!


  1. LOVE you answers. Because of you, I joined this today. We had a few answers the same cause, well, we must have similar interests.

    Third time reading it, huh? It's my second. I was going to read it anyways before the movie, but this read-a-thon sparked it early.

  2. It is indeed my third time reading it. I love this book so much! I was going to read it before the movie as well and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. I'm so glad I inspired you to join the Read-A-Thon. I'll definitely have to check out your posts! :)

  3. I agree--I thought that Gale was obviously going to tell Katniss that he loved her.


  4. Hi Kelly! Nice meeting you! I never knew your from Distirct Nine too! I didn't see you in our district! Maybe I was in the fields. Thank God, I wasn't chosen to be a Tribute! Were you chosen? LOL!

    Von @ Mr. Book Wonder

  5. Ah, the Gale-Katniss mysterious relationship! Definitely one of the things, I looked forward too if there's going to be a Hunger Games spin-off. ;)


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