Memorable Monday (9)

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I know it's been a while since I've posted a Memorable Monday quote so I thought what better way to come back than with an Immortal Rules quote! I know several people are dying to read this book and I thought I'd give a nice little teaser from the book, which by the way is AMAZING so far.

    Kanin spun so gracefully I didn't even know he'd moved until he had me pinned against the wall, the long, curved blade of his dagger pressed against my throat. I froze, but a split second later the pressure on my neck was gone and the knife disappeared into the folds of his black coat. Kanin gave me a faint, tight smile, and stepped away.
    "If I was an enemy, you'd be dead now," he said, walking down the hall again like nothing happened. I clutched my chest, knowing that if I'd still had a heartbeat, it would have been pounding through my ribs. "The city can be a dangerous place. You're going to need something bigger than that two-inch blade you keep in your pocket to defend yourself." (page 120)

What are your memorable quotes this week??


  1. Just noticed that you are Candor! I'm, too! :D

    What a cool quote! I still haven't read the book even t hough I do own an ARC. *sigh*

    Patricia // My MM

  2. How mean of you to quote from this novel, Kelly ;) I'm P I N I N G for it! Loved the quote, but it is kind of hard for me to concentrate on content when the name Kanin is the Norwegian word for rabbit LOL

    1. Hahaha that's funny! Now every time I read his name I'm going to be thinking "rabbit". bahahaha I wonder if there's a specific reason she chose that name, and if the rabbit part will tie into the series somehow..


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