Follow Friday (5.18.2012)

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This weeks question is:

Q: Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax?

I really love this question!! Although I am a working mom and I no longer have Summer Breaks, I have a few ideas in mind for vacation places since I haven't been on vacation in a while, but I'll just put one of them. My first choice would probably be Hawaii, which is a little ironic since I'm always talking about how I want to go outside of the country and see the world. However, I haven't been to the beach in a very long time, and I really want to go somewhere I've never been. I can see myself now... lounging on a beach chair with my feet in the sand, the calming sound of waves crashing all around and a book in hand... Yes, I could definitely get used to that...

Where would you go on vacation to catch up on reading and relax??


  1. I've hear that the beaches there have the clearest water EVER and it's so great for surfing and swimming and relaxing! I hope you make it to Hawaii one day and have a happy reading day! :)

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  2. I could get down with having some palm trees around me and a good book in my hand! :) New follower, check me out at:

  3. Hawaii would be so pretty! I chose the beach as well :) Great pick!

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  4. It seems I'm one of the oddballs who doesn't like doing the beach. I'm a mountain girl at heart!

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  5. Hopping through. I didn't love the beach as a kid, but now I really like peaceful bookish beach vacations.
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  6. Hi! Beach is perfect!. Love it, too!

    just discovered this thingy on blog. And I would gladly want to join. Well , im on it now. Followed yah! u know what to do .. Follow BACk! ..;-)

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Followed you back via GFC :)



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