Top Ten Tuesday [8-28-2012]: Top Ten Bookish Confessions

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Top Ten Bookish Confessions

  • I'm very careful with my books. I like them to look perfect, even if I've read them a million times. I try not to damage them in any way, and when my friends borrow them, I always make sure to tell them to  guard them with their lives.
  • This one kind of goes against my first confession. I sometimes dog-ear my books. But that's usually with paperbacks. I used to be a really big dog-ear person. It was just easier than to find something to hold my place in a book, but once I started to read books often, I also began using bookmarks. I can't stand for my hardcover books to be dog-eared.
  • I take a book with me everywhere. I feel lost if I don't have one on my person or in my purse. I always make sure to carry a purse big enough to put a book in.
  • I take a book with me to work every day. I don't read while I'm working; seeing as I work in a factory, it's rather hard to pick it up and read it. I do, however, read during my breaks, often getting playfully teased for being "anti-social". 
  • Yes, I will judge you for the books that you read. Which technically isn't very fair on my part because I read mostly young adult books, but I can't help myself. If you only stick to one type of book, the outcome always the same, and the storylines incredibly similar, I just don't see the interest in that.
  • As much as I read, I really haven't read very many classic novels. I'm hoping to change that within the next year. I'm starting a Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and within that challenge are several of the most famous classic novels in our history. I'm really excited to finally start reading them. They've been on my TBR list forever.
  • I cannot walk into a Walmart or mall that has a bookstore without browsing the books. I almost always walk out with at least one book, if not more. I already have more books in my house than my bookshelf can hold and I have a huge stack of books that I haven't even had the chance to read yet. I think I may have an addiction...
  • I really enjoy writing reviews of the books I read. It helps a lot with my writing and makes it easier for me to remember what happened within that book. If it's a while before the next book comes out and I need to refresh my memory of what happened, I usually reread my reviews. I try to leave out spoilers, but sometimes even just reading a review can trigger my memory of what happened without it having spoilers.
  • I never read library books (which I probably should since I read so much) and I almost never borrow them. I'd rather buy them so that I can reread them any time I want. I also plan on having a library in my house when I finally own one so I guess this is really just me planning ahead, nevermind how much it's costing me now.. ;)
  • Often, while reading, I will skim the pages. For example, I'm reading a really intense scene and I want to know what happens, I'll read a sentence or two on the next page over and then go back and read what happened to get to that point. I know. It's cheating. But sometimes I just can't help myself. I have a very bad habit of doing it. It happens several times throughout a book. Especially if it's fast-paced and action-packed. That's probably what holds me back on reading faster.

What are your bookish confessions??


  1. Lol I take a book with me EVERYWHERE too! You never know when you're going to have some time to kill! And I can't walk into ANY store without at least browsing their book section!
    Here’s my TTT

  2. I like to keep my books in perfect condition as well and I always look at the book section of any store that sells books as well.

  3. I skim ahead too a little and then come back if something majorly intense is happening, or if I'm a little bored. I get most of my books from the library though - otherwise, I would run out of space & $.


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