Memorable Monday (15)

Memorable Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Escape In A Book. The purpose of this event is to post memorable quotes from your favorite books or the book you are reading, whether it be beautiful, magic, romantic, dramatic, teasing, engaging, or thought provoking. If it caught your attention, share it! 
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"My name is Meghan Chase. 
If there are three things I've learned in my time among the fey, they are this: don't eat anything you're offered in Faeryland, don't go swimming in quiet little ponds and never, ever, make a bargain with anyone." -from the novella Winter's Passage 

"'Come on,' Ash said, his voice even colder than normal. 'We don't have time for your idiocy now.' 
'That's what I like about you Winder're all such scintillating wits, such clever purveyors of words, such wise and frolicsome-"
I ducked as a pinecone zipped by my head with enough force to have done more than muss my hair." -from the novella Summer's Crossing

"I was about to reply that Ash was doing just fine, thank you, when every light in the place-torches, the icicle chandeliers, flickering blue candles in the columns-sputtered and went out.
Snarls and cries of alarm filled the air. Chairs overturned as fey leaped to their feet, drawing weapons and glaring into the shadows. I spun, searching for hidden dangers, for anything stupid or crazy enough to attack during Elysium when the most powerful fey in all the Nevernever were in the very same room." -from the novella Iron's Prophecy

"If you chance upon a big, gray cat, you probably owe him a favor. Even if you do not remember the favor, do it, anyway. In the long run, you will do it, but it will be far less painful if you do it up front." -from The Original Survival Guide to the Nevernever

I decided to share a quote from each of the novellas and the Survival Guide as well. They are all so, so good, and definitely worth the read! Julie Kagawa, you can do no wrong.

What are your memorable quotes for the week?