Review: Heartless by Sara Shepard


Author: Sara Shepard
Series: Pretty Little Liars, #7

First Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer claimed they found a dead body in the woods behind Spencer's house, only to have it vanish without a trace. Then, when the same woods went up in flames, they swore they saw someone who's to be dead rise from the ashes. And even after all that, the pretty little liars are still playing with fire. Call me heartless, but it's about time someone shut these liars up for good. After all, nobody likes a girl who cries wolf--least of all me. . . . -A


NOTE: This review contains spoilers of the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. If you haven't read this series, I suggest skipping this review and reading my review of Pretty Little Liars instead. If you have read this series, or you don't mind spoilers, then you may proceed! :)
Ever have something really important just up and vanish without a trace? Like that vintage Pucci scarf you wore to the ninth-grade formal. It was around your neck the whole night, but when it was time to head home, poof. Gone. But lost things don't just disappear into thin air. They have to be somewhere.
Four pretty girls in Rosewood have lost very important things, too. Like the trust of their parents. An Ivy League future. Purity. And they thought they lost their childhood best friend, too . . . but maybe not. Maybe the universe returned her, safe and sound. But just remember, the world has a way of balancing out: When something is given back, something else must be taken away. And in Rosewood, that could be anything. Credibility. Sanity. Lives<. -excerpt from Heartless by Sara Shepard
Three years ago, Alison DiLaurentis, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, and Emily Fields were the best of friends, but on one fateful night, Ali disappeared leaving behind a mystery that no one could sovle: What happened to Ali? Where did she go? Is she still alive, or is she dead? And if so, who killed her? Now, three years later, four girls in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, may just have the answers they were looking for.

There are several story-lines within the pages of Heartless and if you don't keep up, it's very easy to get lost. A is leading the girls on several different paths: leading three of them to believe in three different killers, and giving one girl hope that Ali is still alive. Hanna has been sent to a mental facility where she is led to believe that one of the patients is Ali's killer. Emily is sent to Lancaster, where she is led to believe that it was another girl whose body was found in Ali's backyard and that Ali is still out there alive somewhere. Spencer has been convinced that someone very close to her has done something terrible, but it isn't at all what she thinks.. or is it? Aria is led to believe that Ali wasn't murdered at all, but was deeply troubled. And after all of these things have been planted in your head and you start to believe that one of them may be true... Oops! Wrong again! It was someone else who killed Ali. Someone you weren't at all expecting. But is it really over? Did they really find New A and Ali's killer as well?? Something tells me this puzzle has yet to be solved. We may have a few pieces to the puzzle, but we certainly haven't gotten them all. There are several things we still don't have the answers to and I can feel that they're just out of reach. Maybe New A had sent them on a wild goose-chase, but something tells me that it wasn't entirely to throw them off. New A led them there for a reason. There were some things that this person wanted the girls to know. What that is, I don't know yet. But I have the feeling I may get a few more answers in the next installment. 

I tried to keep this review short and sweet with as few spoilers as possible, seeing as how it was a huge piece to the puzzle. Heartless is probably my favorite of the series so far. It leads you to so many possibilities that you don't know which one to believe. I will admit that I started to believe one of them, but it turns out that A had only planted it into her head. It seemed rather plausible though, and part of me feels like some of it may even be true. To all of them really. Something major is about to happen, and I can't wait to find out what it is. Unfortunately, someone does die in this book as well. It seems like every other book, someone turns up dead. Although, at this point, I'm not sure if Ian is really dead or not, but I'm thinking it's a pretty big possibility with how things are turning out right now. I guess the only way to get an answer to that question is to keep reading! And I definitely will.

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