Know Me Better (3)

Know Me Better is a meme hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. Each week she will post 5 questions from her author interviews and answer them herself. She invites us to share our answers as well!

Question 1: I can't live without...

So many answers going through my head right now... my phone, my books, sleep, food.. the internet! I can't function if I don't have a healthy portion of sleep and food, and I go insane if I'm without my phone, book I'm reading, or the internet for too long. Oh! Another one would be a car. Which I'm currently having to do without at the moment and I'm going nuts!! I HATE not being able to just take off and go somewhere whenever I feel like it! So glad I'll be getting a new one soon!

Question 2: Do you make your bed each morning?

The answer to this would have to be: NO. First of all, it's a pain to do since my bed is up against the wall. Secondly, it has been proven that it's healthier to not cover up the area in which you sleep because at night you sweat and all the oils seep into your sheets and if you cover that up, bacteria can grow and yadda yadda yadda. I find that gross, so I just leave my sheets unmade. The only time my bed is ever made is right after I've washed my sheets and have just put them on the bed.

Question 3: City or Country?

Well, the largest city close to me is Knoxville. I have been to New York City and absolutely LOVED it, but I'm not sure if I could actually live there. It would be nice to live so close to so many things and have something to do. Living in a small town you ALWAYS have to drive somewhere else to find anything or do anything. So I don't know how I would feel about living in the country..

Question 4: Most embarrassing moment?

Oh geez.. There are only two moments that I can really think of as being incredibly embarrassing to me. One: when I was in eighth grade I dropped my pencil on the other side of the desk, you know the one that has the armrest so you have to lean over it to get anything that's fallen on the other side? Well, the entire desk fell over with me in it. It was painful, both physically and for my pride. Especially since the entire class laughed at me. The other moment would be when I was in high school and we were practicing for the musical. Me and three other girls were wearing our costumes which were dresses and we had to do these high kicks at the front of the stage. Little did we know we were flashing everyone sitting below us in the audience. Our director gave us something to wear underneath them so it didn't happen again.

Question 5: What do you think of book trailers?

Well, I'm not sure I can really have an opinion of them since I've only seen like one of them. And it was for The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa, which I really enjoyed. Other than that, I haven't seen any.

It's your turn now!
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  1. New Follower!

    Kelly I had similar answers to you for Q no 1, here's my KMB post.

    Can you pls tell me how you got the slideshow sidebar of your favorite blogs? I've been trying to google how to do it to no avail :(

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  2. Those are all pretty much things I can't live without either...and I like you're thinking on not making the bed.

    Thanks for stopping by my kmb.


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