Noteworthy News: Casting News for Delirium-Julian

As you all know, Delirium is being turned into a tv show on FOX. We have our Lena (Emma Roberts). And now, we have Julian! Who will be playing him, you ask? Gregg Sulkin! 

Where you've seen him: Wizards of Waverly Place (Mason Greyback), Melissa & Joey (Haskell Davis), Pretty Little Liars (Wesley Fitzgerald)

I can't really say much about his acting since I've only seen him play a werewolf on Wizards of Waverly Place, but I think he's adorable and definitely fits the part of Julian in the looks department. I guess if I had been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars I would know a little bit more, but alas, I have not. Guess I should get on that!

What do you think guys? Do you like Gregg as Julian??


  1. I think he fits. Smooth and good looking, definitely very Julian. :)


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