Top Ten and Teaser Tuesday: Top Ten Romances

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Top Ten Nine Romances in Books

1. Oliver and Hadley 

from The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. Their spark was just adorable and I loved their chemistry together. You can find my review here.

2. Tucker and Clara

from the Unearthly series. These two were the perfect couple. And I certainly couldn't get enough of reading about Tucker. You can see my review of Unearthly here.

3. Katniss and Peeta

Do I really need to explain this one? I wanted these two together from the very beginning. You can find my review of The Hunger Games here.

4. Rose and Dimitri

from the Vampire Academy series. These two went through hell and back to be together, never once giving up on the other and I find that so admirable. You can find my review of Vampire Academy here.

5. Clary and Jace

from The Mortal Instruments. These two.. Oh these two. They torment my heart often, but in a good way. They have been through so much, even thinking at one point that they were siblings. Talk about torture. They are definitely high up on my favorite couples list.

6. Meghan and Ash

 from the Iron Fey series. Even though I'm team Puck, I understand why Meghan and Ash ended up together and I was actually thrilled that go together in the end. 

7. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

from Pride and Prejudice. How can I not add them to my favorite romances list?? I mean, they pretty much hated each other in the beginning, but by the end they were madly in love.Those are the best love stories.

8. Tris and Four

from Divergent. These two fight for each other with a fiery passion. Even when Four was under the simulation, he still found a way back to Tris. You can see my review of Divergent here.

9. Ron and Hermione

from Harry Potter. I just adore them as a couple so so much!! 

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I shivered with the memory of waking up after nearly drowning, his body behind mine, his hand over my heart. That probably wasn't what he meant by 'go to bed.' And good thing, too. Good thing.


  1. Love Ron and Hermione, Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy, and Tucker and Clare!! I am picking up my copy of Boundless today!

    Great List!

    My TTT @The Quiet Concert

  2. I love Tris and Tobias! I didn't know half of these couples. I need to read more and faster. Since I didn't read the books, I just knew what the movies showed and at the beginning I didn't see Hermione and Ron being together.

    Interesting, I wonder if it was a dream or something that happened to her.

  3. It seems like everyone has Ron and Hermione on their lists! lol
    Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy are epic, though. I can't think of a love story that I'd read so many times and not get tired of it.

  4. I love Ron+Hermione and Rose+Dimitri. They're also on my list!


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