Top Ten and Teaser Tuesday: Freebie and The Eternity Cure

So today for the Top Ten it is a FREEBIE! Which means I get to pick what top ten things I want. I think I'll go with my favorite covers out of the books I have read so far this year. Pretty simple right? And yes, they are in order.

And now for the teaser! It comes straight from Julie Kagawa's The Eternity Cure.

"Now, are we going to head into the city, or were you planning to hold hands with these cannibals and have a sing-along?"

So what are your Top Tens and Teasers??


  1. I had a really hard time with this topic when it came up a few weeks ago. I could think of lots of pretty covers, but not for books I'd actually read! I'm glad you found some nice ones to highlight. Lots of pretty on your list!


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