Joined Bloglovin!

So with all of the hype about GFC leaving soon, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join Bloglovin. So many of my favorite blogs have joined and I figured, what better way to keep up with them??

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And if you haven't heard of this neat little site called BookLikes, I suggest you check it out! It's pretty awesome, though still relatively new and the makers have promised a lot more updates to the site as well for the future. It's kind of a mix between Goodreads and Tumblr (two sites that I adore). It even gives you the option of syncing to Goodreads so you don't have to go through and add all of your books, ratings and reviews (unless you just want to). It also puts the books you're currently reading on the sidebar along with a progress bar for the book. Another neat thing is that you have three different pages that go along with your blog: the blog itself, a shelf, and a timeline. 

If you're curious about the site, but want a little more information about it, I recommend this post by booknympho. The post is dated from September 2012 but it's still rather relevant (except for the needing an invite to join). It goes into a lot of detail as to what the site is like. 

You can find me on BookLikes here: