30 Day Book Challenge: DAY 16

DAY 16: Most thought-provoking book

While there are several books I could choose for most thought-provoking, I think I'm going to go with a series. A children's series to be exact. A series that teaches kids about friendship, bravery, love, sacrifice, doing what is right even though it isn't easy, that it's okay that you're not the most popular girl/guy in school or that you're intelligent and love to read or a little out there-as long as you're a good person and do your best and do good that's what matters in life... all while reading about a magical world that draws you in and makes you hope that you get a certain letter on your 11th birthday too. Have you figured out what series I'm talking about??

Image source: Teen.com

I chose the Harry Potter series as most thought-provoking, not because it's an adult book that provokes you to think about things you wouldn't otherwise think about, but because it teaches our children some very important values from a young age which I think is very important. 

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