30 Day Book Challenge: DAY 9

DAY 9: Most overrated book

I'm pretty sure I'm getting repetitive with my answers to these questions but I can't think of any other book that is so overrated other than Twilight.

Yes, I said it! 

Don't get me wrong, I like the series. But for all the hype that comes with it, it just doesn't live up to it. There are so many better books/series dealing with vampires (ex. Vampire Academy). I mean, Edward is sparkly, doesn't have fangs, and is kind of stalker-creepy. Dimitri is a badass Guardian who can stake a Strigoi with his eyes closed. 

Here are a few examples of why other books are better:

Okay, well maybe why Harry Potter and the Hunger Games are better, but you get the idea.

Yeah... that about sums that up. :)

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