Feature & Follow Friday: 7.26.2013

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This weeks question:

What do you do with your books once you're done reading them?

After I finish reading a book, It usually goes back on my bookshelf. If it's a book in a series I put it with that series but if it's a stand-alone I tend to place it where I can find the space fore it.


  1. Hopping through. I organize my books about the same. i keep series together but just throw stand-alones wherever.
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  2. I do the same thing with series :)


  3. Exactly the same :3 I hate having my series separate. Though what bugs me is that with the HoN series, they redesigned the covers, so the newer ones are different :C new bloglovin' follower

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    1. OMG I know. I HATE when series covers don't match! It drives me nuts. My Harry Potter books had one that looked different than the others and I cringed every time I saw it until I finally bought the matching one at a used book store. I feel much better about it now lol

  4. I keep my series together, but I have a favorites shelf and then books I liked, and TBR. New follower on bloglovin'!

  5. Hello! New follower. Look forward to your posts.


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