Music Monday (2)

If you haven't heard, I've decided to start a Music Monday post for my blog on Mondays as a little something extra to the site besides all the bookish things.

This weeks video comes from:

Silversun Pickups
Members: Brian Aubert-guitar and vocals; Nikki Monninger-bass and vocals; Joe Lester-sounds and keyboards; Christopher Guanlao-drums
Genre: Alternative
Where you've heard them: The Vampire Diaries

Song: Little Lover's So Polite

This song reminds me so much of my senior year, when I first discovered them. They were my favorite band at the time (along with many others). I chose this song because it's probably the song that I listened to the most out of the entire Carnavas album, though I had several favorites. This is also my favorite album of theirs.
If you like what you hear, you can find more of their music here.

Happy Listening!