Beat the Heat Readathon: Day 6

So welcome to the 6th of the Beat the Head Readathon!! It runs until August 11th, but if you want to participate in the mini-challenges and giveaways you MUST sign up by August 5th. You can sign up here.

The first mini-challenge was posted yesterday: Name That Cover!
Go take a look! And don't worry if you don't know where the covers are from. There's an awesome hint to help you guess.

Today's Progress:

Currently Reading: City of Bones and Onyx
Pages read: City of Bones-0; Onyx-N/A
Chapters read: City of Bones-0; Onyx-12
Books completed: None

Well, I didn't get around to reading any of City of Bones today or writing up my Read-Along post for it, but  I did read several chapters of Onyx. I'm hooked!! Daemon=PERFECTION.

Happy Reading!