CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 14

In honor of the movie coming out in theaters on August 21st, I have decided to join the City of Bones Read-Along. If you haven't read this book, now is the perfect opportunity! Especially if you're planning to see the movie. If you would like to join, click here for more info. NOTE: If you haven't read the book, please beware of spoilers in the Read-Along posts. There will be quotes and chapter summaries, as well as my own thoughts on certain events that occur within the story and I don't plan on holding back.

Chapter 14: The Hotel Dumort


Clary and Jace head first to the church. Clary is confused until Jace finds weapons hidden around the alter. Clary is taken aback not expecting to find weapons inside of a church. After gathering as many weapons as the could hold, they then take the subway uptown and upon exiting make their way to the hotel which appears to be an abandoned apartment building until Clary sees the sign. It's entirely boarded up and while looking for a way inside, a boy named Raphael comes out of the shadows with a warning that the place is dangerous. He attempts to persuade them not to continue but fails. Jace realizes that the boy knows about the vampires and suspects that they're paying him to keep people away. Instead the boy tells them a story about his brother going inside and never coming out. He shows them the way his brother got in and Clary and Jace drop through the hole followed by Raphael. They work their way through the hotel, climbing up stairs toward the top floor. Then suddenly Raphael is gone with a scream. Clary reaches for Jace who was already running toward the archway. When they reach it, they find a grand ballroom with Raphael standing in the center. Jace throws a knife at him to Clary's horror, but Raphael was fast. Too fast. Clary suddenly realizes that Raphael is a vampire and it was him who came into the hotel looking for vampires, not his brother. She looks up to see that the room is filled with vampires. She and Jace decide to use Raphael as a hostage in order to get Simon back. The vampires agree to the trade but only if Jace swears an oath not to hurt Raphael if they give them Simon the rat. Jace is reluctant to do so and while he argues with the vampires Clary lunges for Simon and takes him out of the grasp of one of the vampires. Another vampire grabs Clary and strikes her in the face. Jace runs to her aid just as Simon takes off running toward Raphael and bites him, then runs back to Clary. Jace pulls out his seraph blade, slowly pulling Clary along toward the exit only to be stopped when Raphael orders the vampires to seize and kill them. Clary grabs for her dagger as Jace reaches for his other blade. And then the windows explode inward. The wolves have crashed through. Jace says, "Now this is a situation."


"What are all these?"
"Vials of holy water, blessed knives, steel and silver blades, electrum wire--not much use at the moment, but it's always good to have spare--silver bullets, charms of protection, crucifixes, stars of David--"
"I doubt he'd fit."

"Don't. I'm not really in the mood right now."
"That's got to be the first time a girl's ever said that to me."
"Stick with me and it won't be the last."


Ooooh they've finally gotten Simon back only to now be trapped by both vampires and wolves. Yikes! And Raphael?? I was quite curious as to how he knew so much about the building and the vampires if his brother had been the one to go inside and never come out. I was pretty suspicious of him from the beginning and it turns out I was right! You just can't trust anybody in this crazy world.

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