CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 17

In honor of the movie coming out in theaters on August 21st, I have decided to join the City of Bones Read-Along. If you haven't read this book, now is the perfect opportunity! Especially if you're planning to see the movie. If you would like to join, click here for more info. NOTE: If you haven't read the book, please beware of spoilers in the Read-Along posts. There will be quotes and chapter summaries, as well as my own thoughts on certain events that occur within the story and I don't plan on holding back.

Chapter 17: The Midnight Flower


Clary takes in the greenhouse, noticing all of the beautiful flowers. They sit and Jace opens the paper bag to reveal cheese sandwiches, apples, a bar of fruit and nut chocolate, and water. Jace explains that his birthday was the one day his father let him do or have anything he wanted. They sit talking and eating until a bell chimed midnight. Jace got up and pulled Clary to her feet, showing her the shrub they were sitting next to. The tightly closed buds bloom big and beautiful. Jace tells her they only bloom at midnight and then gives her a witchlight rune-stone to bring her "light even among the darkest shadows of this world and other". Before they leave the greenhouse, Clary asks Jace if he ever dated Isabelle. He says no and tells her that Isabelle is almost a sister to him and it would be weird. Clary says that Isabelle hates her but Jace doesn't agree--Isabelle is jealous because she isn't the only girl anymore and Clary is beautiful. They decide to go back downstairs and Clary almost steps on the knife Jace was using to cut the apples. She jerks backward into his shoulder, turns to apologize and they kiss. Just as the kiss deepened Jace notices that Hodge's bird is perched on a nearby tree watching them and he pulls away. They make their way downstairs and Clary leans against the wall beside her door. Jace bends down to kiss her again lightly when the door opens and Simon steps out. Both Simon and Jace are outraged, though Jace controls his anger by looking slightly bored. Simon storms back into the bedroom slamming the door, and after a few hurtful words Jace walks away too. Clary goes into her bedroom and finds Simon  looking at her sketchpad at the drawing of Jace. Simon announces he's leaving and they argue, ending with Simon confessing his feelings for her. But Clary doesn't feel the same way. He tells her that his mom had told him that she would break his heart and then he leaves. Clary sits on her bed replaying the conversation in her head and it all started to make sense. She holds her sketchpad, running her fingers along the drawing of Jace, the wings she had drawn on him and suddenly she wasn't touching paper--she was touching feathers. Realizing that the runes she had drawn on the page are the cause, she quickly flips to another page and begins drawing again.


"In future, Clarissa, it might be wise to mention that you already have a man in your bed, to avoid such tedious situations."
"You invited him into bed?"
"Ridiculous, isn't it? We would never have all fit."
"I didn't invite him into bed. We were just kissing."
"Just kissing? How swiftly you dismiss our love."


Finally we reach the Greenhouse scene. Such a sweet moment between Clary and Jace. And then it ends with both Simon and Jace mad at her. Poor Simon.. all he ever did was love Clary and she had absolutely no idea. But the coolest part of this chapter happens at the end when Clary's drawing of Jace becomes real and she touches the feathers of his wings. It is a short chapter but a very important piece of the mystery surrounding her mother is finally solved.

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