Monthly Reading Challenge: August's Challenge

It's officially August! And we all know what that means.. It's getting close to school time! The schools around here start on August 5th (I do not envy these kids) and what better way to forget about the back-to-school stress than to read a good book??

The challenge?

read a stand-alone book released in 2013

I'm not sure what I'll read yet, but I'm hoping to get the chance to read This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith.

Happy Reading!


  1. The holidays have basically only just started here in the UK! Summer holidays normally last until September (or October for some universities).

    1. Wow!! They used to last until the end of August here but they just kept pushing the date back farther and farther until it's practically in July! The city pool even closes when school starts though we still have several hot days left for swimming. It's rather depressing really.


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