Top Ten and Teaser Tuesday: 8.6.2013

After seeing today's topic I suddenly realized just how few stand-alones I've actually read. I'm not sure I'll be able to get a top ten but I do have a few books that after reading them I was dying for more.

Top Ten Four Books I Wish Had Sequels

Yeah, I really need to read more stand-alones! And I know that two of these are kind of cheating since The Host is supposed to have a sequel (thought I wish I had it now) and Before I Fall.. well, if you know the ending then you'd know it would be difficult to get a sequel for it.

"You're a dog."
"If you pet me, I'll--"
"Don't even finish that sentence."

The bantering between these two... I just can't get enough of it!


  1. I read a lot of series as well, so I struggled with this topic. I like your list today. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  2. Great list! I agree with The Host, I hope the rumours about a trilogy are true:)

    TTT @ Eveline's Books


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