Top Ten and Teaser Tuesday: Things that Make Blogging Easier/Better and Apollyon

Top Ten Things That Make Our Life as Bloggers Easier/Better

1. Goodreads - I don't know any book blogger who isn't on goodreads and for good reason: IT'S AMAZING. I wish this existed back when I was going to school. It makes it so easy to keep up with all of the awesome books out there. What you've read, what you want to read, what you're reading at the moment. It's like heaven for an avid reader. Especially with the ease of finding reviews from fellow readers and the lists of similar books just a click away. Probably one of my favorite things I have discovered since blogging.

2. My Calender - I have a handy-dandy little calender where I keep up with all of the book reviews, blog tour dates, etc that I'll be posting on my blog. If I didn't have it, I would be all over the place. I don't have the best memory so the only way I can keep up with the dates is for my posts is to write them down in my calender.

3. Twitter - A great place to inform your followers that you have a new post up! I've noticed that since I've been tweeting about my blog posts, I've had more traffic on the blog. 

4. Bloglovin - I am in love with Bloglovin! It's so nice to have all of the blogs I follow in one place so I'm not switching back and forth between websites trying to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. They're all right there in one feed and all I have to do is scroll through all the posts from different blogs.

5. Kindle - I have grown so fond of my Kindle. I love how I can have all of my digital copies in one place and the ease of it is just amazing. One click and I have a new book to read within seconds (which could also be considered a bad thing considering I have SOOO MANY BOOKS on it as it is and there are so many that are still unread). But the best thing about my Kindle is that it allows me to receive review copies quickly. Whereas if I didn't have it, the books would have to be physically shipped to me which could take several days. I love that I can just say that I have a Kindle and bam!, they send me a .mobi file right then to my Kindle. It's also a HUGE space saver which I definitely need in my small house. I don't have to worry about finding a spot for a book on my bookshelf.

6. NetGalley - I've only recently joined this fabulous site, but since then I've received a couple of books for review (exciting!!). I never dreamed that I would be receiving ARC's so quickly but already I love that I can request to review a book and it be sent to my Kindle.

7. Book Tours - Book Tours make my blogging life easier because they help me find new books to read and review that I make not have found otherwise. I also enjoy participating in the tours. All of the information for the post is right there in one place and all I have to do is put it in a post. And more times than not, I want to read the books I host on my blog!

8. My followers! - Though compared to many of the book bloggers out there my follower count is small but I love and appreciate each of you! Without you I would be talking to myself and really wouldn't have much of a reason to blog. I love talking to you all and sharing our love of books together. You're all AWESOME.

9. Other bloggers - Yes, that's right. You also make blogging better! We each share a love of something wonderful and it's my favorite part about book blogging: sharing our thoughts with each other. I love reading reviews and seeing what other people took from the books that I've read because everyone has a different view on the same books. We all like and/or dislike different things about them and I just find that so interesting! I also love that I can read a review from certain bloggers and know whether or not I'll like the book because we have similar interests.

10. and - these are image editing websites that have helped me so much. I don't have photoshop or any other kind of editor except for paint (and let's face it, you can't do much with it!). Most of the graphics you see on my site that were done by me were edited at these websites.


Seth yelled now, his voice roaring in my head, and there was no escaping him. He was everywhere, in every cell and thought, pulling at me. But I couldn't breathe and under me, he was under me, and I couldn't think straight. There were so many voices again. So many different ones, some were my own... and I couldn't think.

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  1. I like picmonkey too. And I love my kindle. Fun list today and a very interesting teaser. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  2. I love Bloglovin' too. I wasn't sure at first, but it's really growing on me. I also enjoy using Goodreads! Great list.

  3. I'm a fan of Bloglovin' too. It just looks nicer than Feedly, and I'm a sucker for aesthetics.


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