2013 Bookish Goals Wrap-Up Post

At the beginning of this year, I made a Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013 post and listed things that I wanted to improve upon or do book-wise in 2013. Well, this is the post where I discuss which of those goals I actually accomplished (and I have to say, some of them I did horrible with!).

1. Actually read ALL the books on my Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge list

Failure! I actually didn't finish this one which I'm kind of disappointed in myself. Maybe I'll get around to it some other time but with everything that went on this year and all of the books I received to review I just didn't have as much time to read the classics like I wanted to.

2. Read most if not all the books on my shelf that have been left unread for quite some time now

I didn't actually read as much from my shelves as I wanted to. In fact, I added more to them! Mainly to my Kindle shelf, but it's still a shelf nonetheless. I still have sooooo much reading to do in order to read them all. It will probably take years!

3. Write more on my unnamed book

After my progress post, I did absolutely nothing in terms of writing. So this is definitely a fail.. boo! :(

4. Buy a bigger bookshelf.

Success!! I actually did get to buy a bigger bookshelf so I no longer have books lying around all over the place because I now own TWO bookshelves. :)

5. Get a library card and use it.

Still haven't gotten a library card... I am a failure. *sigh* I WILL get one next year, I WILL!

6. Write and post reviews in a timely manner and keep up with my blog.

I would consider this one to be a success. Even though I've taken to slowing down a bit and not rushing myself with my reviews and such, I have kept up with it even with having a new baby in the house.

7. Organize!! My blog, my reviews, my other sites, my bookshelf... All of it.

I'll consider this one a success as well. My blog is pretty well organized now, and my reviews are too. I don't keep up with my other sites like I should because frankly I just don't have the time for it, but all else is far more organized than it used to be.

8. Read all of the series books I'm waiting on this year and try not to cry when The Infernal Devices and Divergent trilogies end.

Well, let's just say that this one is a success as well. I finished the Infernal Devices and Divergent, both of which made me a little teary-eyed. I'm currently reading Sentinel which makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I'm reading one of the Covenant books and sad because it's the end.. :(

9. Buy cheaper books. Take advantage of my new Kindle app.

This is a definitely success! Especially since I've been taking advantage of the Freebies I find on Bookbub. I really think I have more books on my Kindle than physical copies in my bookshelf.

10. See the movie adaptations of Beautiful Creatures (read the book first), Catching Fire, The Great Gatsby, City of Bones, and Oz (read the book first). And any other book-movie-adaptations I come across.

I read Beautiful Creatures at the beginning of the year and a few weeks ago I was finally able to see the movie adaptation thanks to HBO's On Demand channel. I heard a lot of negative things about it but I actually really enjoyed the movie! I did get to see Catching Fire, which I thought was absolutely AMAZING. The director was fantastic when it came to adapting this book into a film. I didn't watch The Great Gatsby or Oz (or read the book) but I did watch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and was unfortunately disappointed with it. They changed so much about it that it was hard for me to watch it. It did have some of my favorite lines from the book but other than that there wasn't much I did like.


Over all, I think I did pretty good with my goals. I think I just tried to take on more than I could handle haha. I'll definitely be making bookish goals for 2014 though so be on the lookout for that post as well! :)

How did you fare with your bookish goals? Did you meet them all or did you have trouble with them as I did? Are you going to try again with any of them next year?