Music Monday: Christmas Edition!

Welcome to this week's Music Monday! I haven't done a Music Monday post in a while and since Christmas is Wednesday I thought I would share with you a few Christmas songs. 
When I was in my high school choir we had sort of an "elite" group as well who was made up of some of our best singers. They went around caroling where the larger group couldn't go. My junior year I watched them perform Carol of the Bells and I told myself that in my senior year I would be a part of that group. So when my senior year came, I auditioned and sure enough I made it into the group. I was so thrilled to be apart of the Chorale but even more excited that I got to perform this song! So here it is: my favorite Christmas song. I'm going to give you two different versions: classic and Mannheim Steamroller.

the Classic

Mannheim Steamroller

And just because I want to, I leave you with She & Him singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

And yes, that is Zooey Deschanel. Oh, to have her voice..


Merry Christmas everyone! :)