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So this week we're talking celebrity crushes, and I have to say I'm really excited about this one!!

Do I really need to elaborate on this one? I mean, LOOK AT THE MAN. 
But, I will anyways so you guys can understand why he's so awesome.
  • He's a kind and caring human being who works toward bettering the world and humanity.
  • He loves and helps animals
  • He's freaking GORGEOUS
  • Two words: DAMON SALVATORE.
  • Have you seen him dance? No? Well, here's a gif of that:

  • He's a ginger. I have a thing for gingers.
  • He's funny and a child at heart
  • He bought an ICE CREAM TRUCK for his first car
  • And he drives around handing out free ice cream to little kids. I mean seriously, how cool would it be to walk up to get some ice cream and it be RUPERT GRINT
  • He is Ronald Weasley. Need I say more???
  • I feel like we could bond over our extreme dislike of spiders. 
  • *swoon*
(it took me FOREVER to find a gif of this!! The love potion scene is one of my favorites, especially when he falls off the couch haha)

  • HOTHOTHOT brothers
  • Australian accent = YUMMY
  • Can we say GORGEOUS??
  • Gale Hawthorne and THOR, ya'll. That is all you need to know.
  • Did I mention gorgeous?


And now for my woman crushes. Because how can I do a celebrity crush list without my favorite girls?

  • She's 100% herself 100% of the time.
  • She still eats whatever she wants, even when she's criticized for her weight
  • She's tons of FUN!
  • She's super nice. Note the photo below
  • She's not afraid to make these faces:
  • We could be best friends. The end.

  • She's classy and has amazing fashion sense--shopping buddy!!!
  • She's bookish
  • She's freaking HERMIONE GRANGER
  • She can cut all her hair off and still look gorgeous:

  • She could introduce me to Rupert Grint ;) hehe

  • She has a girlish look without looking like a little girl
  • She can wear pretty much anything and still look amazing
  • She's the SHE in SHE & HIM
  • Her voice sounds like this (and I envy it):

  • She makes her own clothes, which is pretty awesome in my book.
  • I mean, look at this style:
  • I feel like I should ask myself this question every time I put on clothes:

I'm also a huge fan of Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Renolds, and Taylor Lautner but I figured I should have some legit reasons as to why I'm crushing on them besides "Um... they're HOT. DUUHHHH"

 So who are your celebrity crushes???


  1. I love that Rupert Grint bought an ice cream truck and hands out free ice cream. That is amazing!

  2. I was THIS CLOSE to putting Ryan Gosling on my list too! Buuut it was either him or Chester Bennington...really tough choice, honestly... AND I almost put Chris Hemsworth on mine too lol THOR. And I didn't know Rupert Grint's first car was an ice cream truck, that is wicked! He's adorbs, I love him as Ron. I think I could bond with him over our hatred of spiders as well! I also didn't realize Zooey had such great fashion sense! Dang!
    Last but not least, AHH IAN. He's so freaking incredible. I also love that he is so into animal rights and making the world a better place- do you follow him on twitter? He's always tweeting petitions and stuff! <3

    1. I DO follow him on twitter!! And facebook. haha He really is amazing. I think it's so great what he does :)

  3. It seems we have a lot in common I Love all your choices, except Rupert. But I need to add Ryan Reynolds to the list and Natalie Portman.

  4. Ian Somerhalder... *nods* yep yep!! I think I'm the only woman alive who isn't attracted to Chris Hemsworth O_O I dunno, his face just doesn't do it for me. I guess because I don't have a thing for light hair. Liam on the other hand...he's pretty hawt!
    JLaw!!! <3 I wish I could meet her in real life! 'Course, then I'd probably be a fangirling mess...
    Zooey is totally adorable!!

    1. I would like to think I could hold myself together but I would definitely be a fangirling mess for any of them!! All the girls I would be like "please please please be my best friend! You're just so awesome!" hahaha

  5. ZOOEY! I didn't even consider her, but she is so adorable. I completely agree with your comment on her style. She always has the prettiest dresses!

  6. Ian Somerhalder is GORGEOUS!! His eyes! I just love them :) ohhh, the Hemsworth brothers are smoking too, I think Liam is my favorite.

  7. I never really thought the Harry Potter cast was attractive, but I did think Rupert looked his best in the Half Blood Prince. :)

  8. Ian Somerhalder = heart palpitations. He is BEAUTIFUL. And his concern for the world and charities really warms my heart and earns my respect. I can't believe I forgot him in my own list, but oh well, more than enough people have put him in theirs! I also love the Hemsworth brothers, although I prefer Chris just because he's more manly and really got all of the Good Genes in that family. Liam is okay, but he's gangly and boyish, whereas Chris is well-built and strikes me as more of a manly man. And who can NOT love Rupert Grint? ;)

    Sydney @ Utterly Bookish

  9. I LOVE Rupert Grint, but I think you're missing out by not listing the ginger goodness that is Domhnall Gleeson (aka Bill Weasley, aka son of the guy who plays Mad Eye Moody). He is wonderful, awkward, funny, and a good actor. Plus, who else can make a scar that hot????? :D

  10. Rupert!! I think it's his personality that really warms me up to him, but he definitely grew into his looks as he got older!


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