Life of a Blogger: The Craziest Thing You've Ever Done

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Well, I'm not really a person to do crazy things. I honestly can't think of anything that would be considered crazy but it seemed crazy when it was happening to me so I guess I'll just go with that haha.

After I had my first boy Brayden, I was feeling kind of down and in a rut and stuck and I wanted to do something kind of spontaneous. Several of my friends had been buying tickets to go to Bonnaroo in 2009 and I had a little extra money so I bought a ticket and we went. I saw TONS of awesome bands and the first night we were there it came this HUGE storm. I was inside a tent and really thought it was going to blow away with me in it! I have never seen so many people piled into one place before. It was a pretty great experience though! Definitely don't regret it. The one thing that absolutely sucked though: THE HEAT. It was horrible. I would have loved to have been able to just get a hotel and drive there every day haha

And here is the proof in pictures:
So this is me and my kids' dad Matt at our campsite

I think this is The Mars Volta if I'm remembering correctly.

Another thing that might be considered a little crazy is waiting backstage outside for two hours for your favorite band to walk out so you can get an autograph and photo:
Me, Matt and My Morning Jacket

So yeah, that's all I can really think of that I could consider "crazy" hahaha. I'm a rather cautious person. If I ever do anything truly crazy, I'll let you all know ;)

So what is the craziest thing you've ever done??


  1. Wow, that looks awesome! I love big concerts. And I've waited a long time for autographs, too! I went to see Theory of a Deadman at a small venue and I waited a good hour for Tyler Connelly to come out so I could flag him down for an interview (then he was an asshole about it...*shakes head*). Totally worth it, though!

    1. Hahaha wow. Jim James was super nice when I met him. All I had on me for an autograph was my ticket so he signed that.

  2. I posted about a storm during a concert as one of the craziest things I've done, too. I would love to go to a big concert--not Bonnaroo, but the CMA Music Festival. Big concerts just sound like a lot of fun.


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