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I'm really not sure I could list all of the genres that I love!! I listen to so many different types and some are just completely random and NOTHING like the others. I'm a huge folk fan. I love bands like Mumford & Sons, Iron & Wine, The Avett Brothers. I listen to mostly different times of rock music. Bands like The Beatles, Imagine Dragons, Matchbox Twenty, Modest Mouse, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Nirvana, Animal Collective, My Morning Jacket, Nine Inch Nails, She & Him, Saturday Sun... all different kinds of rock.

I listen to a little country but lately it ALL SOUNDS THE SAME. I actually posted a video on my facebook that showcased that. I really think they need to go back to their roots and have artists that sound different and write music that really speaks to people, not talk about drinking and partying all the time. With that said I do like Taylor Swift, even though I know SEVERAL people that just can't stand her. I've always loved her music and I've always been able to relate to it, although her latest album had songs on it that I didn't really like that much and most of them are the ones that have been on the radio. My favorites are the ones that haven't been and probably should have been. I also like Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert. Dierks Bentley is pretty good too. I saw the two of them in concert a year ago and they were really amazing.

I do listen to some showtunes and Broadway musical soundtracks, my favorites being Wicked and Spring Awakening. I've recently started listen to A LOT of the oldies music since listening to the Beach Boys Pandora station and my littlest is in love with it. haha 

I really wish I had my iPod with me right now because I'm completely spacing right now!!! Aaaah!

I guess I can tell you what I DON'T like now. And that would be most popular music that you hear on the radio these days, most country with the exception of a few, screamo--all I can think about is how they're damaging their vocal cords and how horrible it sounds, rap--if I can't sing along to it I'm probably not going to like it and not to mention all they talk about is sex and money 99% of the time.

I feel like I should leave you a song to listen to now so I think I'm going to go with one by Matchbox Twenty. God, I love his voice. And this song <3

So what are your favorite music genres???


  1. I see we share some genres :) I really like Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons, and I used to love The White Stripes, Nirvana and Muse. I don't even know any country artists/bands?, but I like some Taylor Swift songs. I've never listened to musicals, so that' something I could try :) I really don't like screamo either and rap in general. I listened to Eminem and Tupac when I was younger but their songs could be really deep, I hate rap if it's all about sex, money and women.

  2. I see a lot of bands on there I enjoy, Imagine Dragons & Muse especially!

    "I listen to a little country but lately it ALL SOUNDS THE SAME. I really think they need to go back to their roots and have artists that sound different..."
    YES. I grew up on country, so I love the older stuff like Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, and Tim McGraw. But I hate the new country so hard! It's awful! Every time the girls at work put it on new country I want to bash my head into a wall.


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