Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Because of Mia, Rose and Lissa are caught passing a note that contains incriminating information about Rose's hook up with Jesse Zeklos. The teacher disciplines Lissa with two detentions for the disruption, one for herself and one for Rose since Rose is already maxed out on punishments.

Jesse meets up with Rose after class to set the record straight: he didn't have anything to do with Mia mentioning the note and asks her to please pass that information on to Dimitri. As Rose heads back to her dorm, she passes Camille Conta talking about Mia's parents and their job working for the Drozdovs, which puts a smile on her face. But as she continues walking, she hears someone talking about the fox on Lissa's bed and asking if the other person thought Rose and Lissa did it. Then they see Rose and immediately stop talking.

Rose doesn't want to think about the connection between the fox and what happened two years ago, but she just can't stop. It's too similar. They had been out in the woods near campus drinking and talking about Lissa having sex with Aaron when they heard something moving nearby. Ms. Karp, the teacher whose class they were skipping.

"You think no one notices when half a class is gone?"
"Half a class?"
"A few of you apparently chose today to skip. Must be the nice weather. Spring fever."

Ms. Karp takes the bottle and they all began heading back to campus, with Rose feeling uncomfortable, when suddenly a fluttering noise sounded next to them. They searched and found a black bird on the ground. They speculated on it for a moment and then Lissa touched it, despite Rose's protesting. The dead bird rose again, fully alive. Rose and Lissa stared in shock at what just happened. Ms. Karp however was horrified. "Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing. And you can't tell anyone--anyone--about what you saw. Both of you. Promise me. Promise me you won't ever talk about this again." They both agree. "And don't ever do it again. If you do, they'll find out. They'll try to find you. You can't let her do it. Not ever again."

Rose reaches the dorm building and finds Mason. He mentions he's tried calling her and then tells her she has bad taste in guys. They argue about it not being his business and then he tells her that they're all calling her a slut. After she tries to walk off, he stops her. He had looked up St. Vladimir for her. He says he couldn't find much information about him and Anna in the library. They need primary sources but there aren't any there. He apologizes for what he said earlier and Rose realizes that Mason is crazy about her and jealous of Jesse. She accepts his apology and thanks him for looking up Anna and St. Vladimir. 

As she goes inside the building she feels a sadness for Mason. She doesn't feel the same way about him.

Poor Mason.. :( He's such a nice guy, and she doesn't feel the same about him. But that isn't a huge deal compared to what else happened in this chapter: Lissa brought a bird back to life. O.O And Ms. Karp FREAKED OUT about it. Not because she has the ability, but because someone might find out about it. And come after her. 

So, who do you think would come after Lissa for her ability?? Why do you think that ability would put her in danger?

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