Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 11

So sorry that this is a day late guys! I've been incredibly busy with life the past couple of days. I was planning on this post being two chapters but my oldest came home early from school today thanks to the weather and my youngest has been really fussy today and hasn't wanted to do ANYTHING but have me hold him so yeah. Kind of hard to read and type and hold a squirmy, crying baby all at once. Hopefully I'll get to do a two-chapter post soon though! :)

ALSO, I'm changing up the dates since it was announced that they're moving the movie premiere date up a week to February 7th! I will be posting chapters this weekend to make up for the difference and the wrap-up post will be on February 6th now instead of the 10th.

I hope these changes don't inconvenience anyone!

And now for the chapter :)

Chapter 11

Rose is sitting in class listening to Mia deny the claims that her parents are servants. Lissa begins talking to her about the assembly tonight--Rose actually gets to go. Queen Tatiana herself will be visiting the school for All Saints' Day.

After class Rose goes to one of her extra training hours and notices how good Dimitri looks in his t-shirt and loose running pants. She puts those thoughts aside and does everything in her power to best Dimitri but it doesn't happen. Before she leaves she attempts to hit him from behind but that doesn't work either. He pins her to the ground.

"I didn't do anything wrong!"
"The battle cry sort of gave you away. Try not to yell next time."
"Would it have really made a different if I'd been quiet?"
"No. Probably not."

Thinking what a great mentor he is, she suddenly realizes that he's still on top of her and staring at her intently. Rose interrupts the moment with her own voice and Dimitri climbs off her. It's then that Rose realizes she's crushing on her mentor. 

The commons had been redecorated into a beautiful dining room, complete with red roses and white lilies, candles and tablecloths. The Moroi and dhampirs are split up as usual. Guardians line the walls, Dimitri among them. Everyone stands as the royals enter the room, including Victor Dashkov. When the queen enters, she walks to the Moroi students section and addresses Lissa, expressing her condolences of her lost family members. She continues on to talk about Lissa's beautiful name and that her family is royal for a reason, yet her actions show that names do not make a person. And then she walks away. Rose contemplates how she could tackle the queen but decides against it, all the while during dinner feeling Lissa's mortification.

After dinner, Lissa leaves through the courtyard, Rose following her. She finds Lissa talking to Natalie who tells her that the queen shouldn't have said what she did. Lissa feels that the queen was right though. Natalie continues trying to talk her mood up by saying that maybe it was the right thing to do at the time. Rose jumps in and Natalie immediately leaves to find her father.

Rose can tell that Lissa is still upset and looks at her wrists asking her if she's let what's happened bother her. She replies that she has wanted to but she hasn't. And then she says that she likes Christian. Rose starts to protest but then she hears Mia. Mia gets up in Lissa's face and makes fun of her for what just happened. Rose threatens her, but Mia retaliates on her. Their argument continues until Rose is about to make a move. But then she sees Dimitri looking for someone--her. He asks them all if everything is alright. Rose replies that it is, and Mia walks off with her friends. Dimitri had come to walk Rose back to her dorm. While they walk back, Rose spots Christian walking toward Lissa. She stops him and tells him to leave her alone and that Lissa doesn't even like him. He's a stalker and she thinks he's a freak but is too nice to tell him. His face darkens and Dimitri drags Rose away. After a few steps, Rose looks back to see him standing outside the garden, looking down the path that leadf to Lissa. He turns and walks in the other direction.

Aww! Poor Christian! I feel so bad for him! :( Lissa really does like him and it's clear that he really likes her too. Rose can be such a b*tch sometimes. I know she's trying to protect Lissa and all, but she's got to feel how Lissa feels about him. And what about the queen?? That was a little rude of here, right? I mean, she could've said it privately instead of in front of EVERYONE. Gah. So much anger in this chapter. Buuuttt... we did get a little bit of a romantic-type scene between Dimitri and Rose! :D

So what are your thoughts on chapter 11??


  1. I know!!! Rose really just needs to stop and think for a moment about those around her - I really love Christian!

    I have to say, this book got really good, and I caved and finished it already because I didn't want to put it down....haha! Thanks for making me read it, though! Now I need to buy book 2....

    1. Hahaha I figured you would go ahead and finish it! I mean, how can you enjoy a book and not keep reading it until the end?? And YES! YOU REALLY NEED TO BUY BOOK 2!! The series only gets better and better if you can believe it :D

  2. I wondered what you were gonna do now that they pushed it up a whole week. Are ya gonna do a book-to-movie post too after the movie? I think I'm going to see it on the 7th and am probably going to do one, so I can't wait to see what you think of the movie.

    1. I'll probably do a book-to-movie post. At least I'm hoping to! I really want to see it on the 7th but I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not. I can't wait to see it though! I hope it's not as bad as everyone seems to think it's going to be.


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