Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 12

Chapter 12

When Rose finally falls asleep, she feels Lissa upset and scared. She walks downstairs and tells the dorm matron that she needs to see Guardian Belikov. It's an emergency. When Dimitri arrives, he instantly knows what's wrong. "Lissa." They walk into Lissa's dorm building. The dorm matron appears to want to oppose but with Dimitri there, she doesn't. Rose walks into the bathroom where Lissa is to try to calm her down. What she sees is horrifying. Lissa's covered in blood. Before freaking out, Rose takes in her appearance and realizes most of the blood isn't actually hers. But some of it is. There are lines across her wrists. They go to the sink and wash her up. The dorm matron announces that they're coming in and Rose quickly gives Lissa her hoodie.

"It's not mine. It . . . it's the rabbit . . ."

Dimitri looks her over and seeming satisfied that she isn't horribly hurt he asks what rabbit she's talking about. It's in the trash can, entirely mangled, blood everywhere. Dimitri asks what happened. Lissa says it was lying in the middle of the floor, torn apart as if it had exploded. She cleaned it up so Natalie couldn't see it. He asks her if she knew who might have done it, but all she does is pull out a piece of paper that says: I know what you are. You won't survive being here. I'll make sure of it. Leave now. It's the only way you might live through this. The dorm matron rushes to get Headmistress Kirova. Dimitri and Rose drag Lissa to the medical clinic and tells the nurse Lissa just needs to rest. 

When the headmistress arrives, she begins to ask Lissa what happened but Rose intervenes. Kirova demands Rose leave, but after talking with Dimitri agrees that she can stay for a little while. Lissa begs them not to wake Natalie. After everyone leaves, Rose climbs in bed with Lissa and holds her. Rose tells her she wishes she had told her and Lissa says she thought she could handle it, but then she found the rabbit in her room and lost it. She asks Rose why it keeps happening, why she's a freak, why no one else can do magic like she can, and then explains that she tried to heal the rabbit but it was too far gone. Rose remembers what Ms. Karp had said and how she was the only one who could do what Lissa can. She realizes they need to leave again. It's worse than before and the Academy isn't safe for Lissa. Rose tells her to get some sleep, she isn't going anywhere and will keep her safe.

Rose returns to her room and crashes. The next day, everyone talks about what the queen had said to Lissa, but they know nothing about the rabbit. Rose realizes throughout the day that they had stopped staring at Lissa... and were looking at her. They both try to ignore everyone around them, but it grew harder and harder.

"Something's going on. I don't know what, but they're all over something new."

Rose realizes what it is when a guy she barely knows says to her, "Come on, Rose. I bleed for you." They all know that Lissa fed off her what they were away. And Rose blames Christian immediately. She finds him and tells him she's going to kill him. But Christian was looking at Lissa with pain in his eyes. He tells her she can stop pretending. Lissa has no idea what he's talking about and Rose demands he answer her question--did he or didn't he tell them? When he says he didn't, Rose doesn't believe him. But Lissa does.

"I know it's impossible to believe a freak like me could keep his mouth shut--especially since neither of you can--but I have better things to do than spread stupid rumors. You want someone to blame? Blame your golden boy over there."

Jesse. He had figured it out, and he had told. And exaggerated what had happened between them. And Ralf was in on it too. They both said that she slept with them and let them drink her blood during sex. Her entire air was dangerous, demanding they explain. But they only continued with the charade, reminding her that if she did anything, Kirova would kick her out to live among the other blood whores. Rose contemplates it and then backs down, opening up a wave of whispers and speculation. The rest of the day she's a zombie, even during practice with Dimitri but he doesn't ask her what happened. 

She returns to her room and cries for the first time in a long time. Then Dimitri shows up. He knows what was being said and asks her if she's okay. "It doesn't matter if I am, remember? Is Lissa okay? This'll be hard on her." All he says is "Five minutes." Lissa walks in and rushes to Rose. They hold each other for a moment and then Lissa explains to Rose what exactly happened: Mia had somehow managed to get Jesse and Ralf to spread the rumor around in retaliation of the rumors Rose had spread about her parents. Lissa says that Rose shouldn't suffer because of her anymore, that everything is her fault because she's weak. Rose tells her it doesn't matter, but Lissa disagrees. She's going to protect Rose from now on. Rose can feel determination, confidence and a dark anger brewing in Lissa. It scares her. Lissa says she's going to take all of the acceptance from the royals away from Mia and she's going to use compulsion to do it. Rose tries to object, but Dimitri walks in. Their time is up.

"I'll take care of everything this time, Rose. Everything."

That completely sucks for Rose! I mean, she has been rather mean to people lately and in a way she kind of deserves to be brought back down a level, but it still sucks for her. It was really nice of Dimitri to come to her aid and allow her to see Lissa. And I think we're about to see some of Lissa's dark side. Mia is about to be ostracized, which she absolutely deserves.

So what do you think about this chapter?? Who do you think is behind all the dead, bloody animals in Lissa's room? It's pretty disgusting right? I would probably be just as freaked as Lissa is.